Body artist Pixie Lawrie studied for a film degree having been enthralled by the visuals when watching films. On completion she worked as an art director on television, which included BBC soap EastEnders for a number of years. However, after working extremely long hours, sometimes 13 hour days, she decided to take a sabbatical and went off to do something completely different - snowboarding. But she quickly got bored and her love of art was rearing its head. She came across two names – Alexa Meade and James Kuhn, renowned body painters who ignited her passion and inspired her onto a new career path. She is now a full time face and body painter and regularly shows off her talents in front of mesmerized audiences at shows and exhibitions. Pixie is currently holding seminars and workshops, sharing her unique talents and very much looking forward to performing at the Benidorm Tattoo Convention in March.

Pixie Lawrie