The Realm Legends is a cartoon fantasy series written and illustrated by Chris Mitchell. Born in Stirling, Scotland he had a love of drawing and telling stories from a very early age, creating many of the characters that would eventually appear in the Realm Legends books when he was only eight. He took inspiration from family members, life experiences, his historical Scottish heritage and surrounding, encompassing them into a fantasy world. He was supported and motivated at school, where teachers recognised his talents for drawing at a very early age.

He is passionate for children to discover the delights of creativity through education and tours around schools, libraries and book festivals with The ‘Realm Tour’ - which encourages children to use their own imagination through reading, story telling, illustration and drama… he has even visited a woman’s prison! He is a frequent visitor to Benidorm and looking forward to taking part in the convention, where he can share his enthusiasm of art, drawing and world of adventure with the younger visitors. He will have copies of his book available and you can find out more by checking out the website