Born in Argentina, Pablo has been a tattoo artist since 1994 and opened his studio “Pieles Rebeldes Tattoo” in Buenos Aires but now based in Lleida, Catalonia. He has travelled across Europe, taking part in many conventions, gaining experience and learning new styles. He creates freehand custom designs for each client and has much experience in Cover Up. He loves Old School but his speciality has to be Oriental… he is a great admirer of tattooists such as Paul Booth and Filip Leu.

Pablo Viner con Pieles Rebeldes Tattoo Studio de Argentina. Artista con de 25 años de experiencia y gran manejo de todos los estilos. Dibujos y diseños personalizados para cada cliente, uso de técnica Freehand y gran experiencia en Cover Up. De la vieja escuela y fanático de los primeros personajes del mundo del tatuaje como Paul Booth y Filip Leu.

pablo viner